Nina Braun: soft sculpture and more…

Knit sneakers

Nina Braun

I love Nina Braun’s work! I found it on Art Moco of course. She does everything from graphics, to textile pictures, to skateboards, to clothing…..she’s amazing. I love how uni-sex everything is too. If you want to buy some Nina goods check out her shop.

Here’s a snippet on Nina in her own words:
“Nina Braun is immersed in an analogue world, where the obsession with material and her devotion to each individual object emerges from her very personal imagery.

Her approach to materials like wool and fabric are the base for her sometimes child-like and naive objects that result from an intensive working process. Considering that we are living in a digital era where economical aspects of the working process prevail and thoughts and images can be infinitely reproduced, Nina Braun’s approach to work is quite revolutionary.”

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