Wikstenmade: Jenny Gordy’s handmade apparel


Just a quick thank you to all who emailed me to tell me that Daily Candy mentioned my wall graphics for Loxii. Yay!

Ok, now back to the post….Today I want to show you Wikstenmade by Jenny Gordy who also maintains a fabulous blog by the same name. Jenny just moved to NY and I had the privilege of grabbing a delicious dinner with her and Kate Miss & Jessica Goldfond the other right. We went to a lovely Brooklyn Restaurant called Flatbush Farm. I was hoping we’d be able to sit out in the garden but alas it rained….again.

Jenny creates beautiful clothing working primarily in natural linen and cotton, delicate gingham, stripes, plaids and droll floral prints that she then crafts into clean and classic silhouettes. Her grandmother taught her to sew and to wash her fabrics 3 times before even beginning. I love her work and really can’t wait to own some Wikstenmade clothing after the baby comes. If you were to only wear Wikstenmade you’d always look pulled together, yet casual, conscious of beautiful detail and craftsmanship and lovely without fuss. I love how feminine the clothing is without being overt.

I’m so happy to have met Jenny and know I’ll be seeing her again soon. Check out her blog and look for updates as her hand-made designs sell out fast, about as quickly as she announces them.

I hope you have an absolutely splendid weekend everyone. For July 4th, I’m going for a late afternoon picnic and then staying in the park until the fireflies come out and flicker all around us. We love fireworks but don’t feel like enduring the crowds this year.