Seb Lester typography & illustration

Seb Lester
I’m super into hand lettering lately. I really don’t know much about typography but have a ball playing around with letter forms. I love coming across the real masters. I recently discovered UK based illustrator/typographer Sebastian Lester. “His typeface designs are used by Intel, Dell, The New York Times, The Sunday Times, GQ Magazine and many other companies, institutions and publications worldwide.”

What I love most about them is the way letters become designs. It doesn’t matter so much that I’m looking at words as that the letter forms that make them are beautiful and interesting. I’m a huge Seb Lester fan now.

You can purchase prints of his work in a number of great shops worth checking out:

  1. ilovetypography
  2. Soma
  3. Scrawl Collective
  4. Keep Calm Gallery