MASS MOCA: Spencer Finch exhibition and fun Berkshires weekend

Spencer Finch installation (Sunlight in an Empty Room, passing cloud for Emily Dickenson)

Spencer Finch (Candlelight)

MASS Moca exterior and sign

Our weekend in the Berkshires was splendid! We rented a little house with some friends, went hiking, cooked great meals, drank wine and whiskey, and visited MASS Moca, a modern art museum in a converted factory in the Northern Berkshires. The space itself is worth a visit with its exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and industrial feel.

My favorite work was by Brooklyn artist Spencer Finch who explores how people perceive lights effect on an object’s color, the boundaries of the human field of vision, and the influence of language, memory, and the subconscious.

His works re-create specific light conditions experienced at a different place and time. Above are photos I took of two Spencer Finch installations, “Sunlight In An Empty Room (Passing Cloud For Emily Dickinson, 2004)� and “Candlelight (2007)� at Mass Moca (here’s more info).

Below are some other pictures from the trip.

Berkshires weekend photographs