My little fabric sewing collages and Takashi Iwasaki’s fabulous embroidered illustration

my crafty little sewing project
fabric-collage sewing

Takashi Iwasaki found on nebo peklo blog via studiorama blog
Takeshi Iwasaki

I had fun turning little fabric scraps into something. Making these canvases was like painting abstractly, only instead of pigment I used burlap, ribbon, textiles, toile, felt, origami paper and string and sewed it all onto 4X4 inch canvases that are 3 inches deep.

I made 5 of them. I am not so into even numbers or symmetry for that matter.
We have them up on our wall above our desks.

On nebo peklo (one of my favorite blogs out there) I fell in love with Takashi Iwasaki‘s embroidery. She found him on studiorama (a new blog to add to my list of favorites! I have to mention that it’s in Spanish which I don’t speak…but it’s so visually rich I can just absorb the content that way).