Dreams of Flying by Jan Von Hollenben, and my own dreams of trampoline flying

dreams of flying Jan Von Hollenben

trampoline 1

The weekend was so lovely. We went to my parent’s place to celebrate my grandmother‘s 92nd birthday. She’s a total inspiration to all of us, a well of wisdom and leader by beautiful example. She does Tai Chi each day, stretches and studies reflexology to mention a few things. (We were lucky enough to be the recipients of her practice). The best thing she teaches us is to live each day with joie de vivre, treasuring every moment.

It was quite easy for my brother and me to follow her precepts since the little school across the street from my parent’s house put a big trampoline in their yard. We flipped and jumped and flew through the air, full of joy and treasuring each moment of weightlessness.

I am so very in love with Jan Von Hollenben’s flying photographs that simulate flying so successfully. But look closely, his children subjects are actually laying on the ground. I love these photos, they’re so whimsical. I think I’ll order the book on his site.