Erie Basin birthday gift…could it get any better?

Erie Basin Necklace

Saturday night (my b’day eve) a troupe and I had a fiesta and karaoke rockathon. It was extremely exciting to get a gift from Erie Basin the stunning jewelry shop in Red Hook I often taut. The piece is special and quite spectacular (thanks Mike, Hannah, Robyn, and Brian).

I wrote to Russell the owner who was so nice to gave me a little information on the piece’s history. What a gem…Russell and Erie Basin (no pun intended):

“The little notebook is silver plated brass, and was likely made in France between 1860 and 1890. It was probably part of a chatelaine- a belt clip from which hung things usually related to sewing. The fancier chatelaines often had these little ivory notebooks too”.

Russell found both the chain and the pendant in New York, but made the educated assumption that it’s from England or France originally. It’s called a “notebook” because people could write on the ivory tablets inside. I plan to write my heart’s desire, “get a 650+ sq. ft apartment in Park Slope for under $100”.