Lodis Opera Slim Purse Wallet and Urban Outfitters Hinge Wallet

Lodis wallet and Urban Outfitters wallet post

I can vouch for the Lodis wallet ($90 at Amazon & $115 at ebags). I fell in love with it when I first laid eyes on it about 5 years ago. I’m still using it (same as the red one above only pink). I don’t really carry around little bags so I’m a good candidate for this one. If you are a clutch carrier this might be superfluous. I think it’s great as a carry alone or as an everyday wallet. As you can see, it has all the compartments you need.

The Urban Outfitters one is way cheaper ($20) & still very cool (I like its shiny finish). I can’t vouch for its quality though. I think their names are telling. Lodis is certainly going for ‘sophisticated’ using words like “opera” and “slim”. Urban outfitters refers to its mechanics “hinge”. Either way, both are sleek, functional and timeless.