Hope Gangloff…proof that my little brother is cooler than me.

Hope Gangloff

My artist brother/Pratt frosh/post-rock star (if you don’t know what post- rock is than you are also not as cool as him) discovered artist Hope Gangloff at Third Ward in Brooklyn. Her work really interests me in that she totally limits herself to the immediacy of ballpoint pen in red, blue, and black. There’s quick directness and freshness of the moment in a scene. At the same time there’s a painstaking attention to detail. Evidently she works from photographs, mostly candid shots of young people hanging out and socializing. Photography flattens out these moments and encapsulates the subjects in their position. Hope crops in, framing these scenes carefully and meaningfully. Her compositions remind me of Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. Further, her subject matter is evocative of a painter I saw a few months ago at Mixed Greens Leah Tinari.

By the way my friend Jolie finished the marathon in lightning speed 3:44:58. I ran upper Manhattan through the Bronx and back into Central Park with her. She’s so great. I’m inspired to run the marathon again next year! Yeah Jolie!