Oh boy do I love Oh Joy!: Nantaka Joy a fabulous print and pattern collection by famous blogger Oh Joy!

Oh Joy!

I was lucky enough to go to college with some truly superb artists. Joy was one of them. She was always working so hard in studio and producing great work. Her work came to fruition in a big and beautiful way.

Though she’s been in the design world for some time with lots of success, she recently launched an incredible new line called Nantaka Joy. It’s time for us to start thinking about holiday cards (time is just flying by) so I thought I would dazzle you with Joy’s stunning line of cards and journals.

Joy also happens to be my blogging guru. When I first started she was nice enough to let me pick her brain. It seems every blog I come across (that I love) has Oh Joy! on the blogroll. She’s truly a member of the bloggaratti.

Congratulations on your magnificent work Joy. Check out her blog for the best of the best in the art and design world.