Megan Whitemarsh embroidery + a reminder of Takashi Iwasaki and my little sewings

Megan Whitemarsh embroidery

I recently discovered THE COVETED an inspirational, fun, and stylish blog. Maybe I should be more methodical in my blog collecting because I can’t remember where. Nonetheless, this one is a keeper. It’s definitely one of my new daily reads. Jennine posted some fun and beautiful embroidery by Megan Whitemarsh that caught my eye and my desire, reminding me of my post on Takashi Iwasaki where I threw in my own little abstract fabric sewing collages that were also posted on Craftzine. I think I need to buy one from each of them. I can’t wait to get an apt. in Brooklyn where I might have enough wall space to feature my new Fifi print and some embroidery illustrations by Megan and Takashi. If you want to be in the know, check out THE COVETED.

Tues. I’ll post some illustrations of mine that just got published at an online magazine as well as my drawing a day (Drawmo!) drawings from December 1st-now.