Gift Guide Compilation: The everybody, The Alexis Bittar fan, and The Bad-ass Girl’s gift guides

More gifts!
More gift guides (I’m insane). The Alexis Bittar sample sale is today through Sunday. Robyn went and got loads of goodies. I made it there this afternoon and got a few items as well.

Image 1 is a broad recap (if you need to be reminded where to get the goods click here or scroll down). Image 2 covers my favorite Alexis Bittar goodies, though I’m sure you can find your own favorites on his site, at his sample sale, or in his shop.

In image 3, I present you with a little twinge of bad-ass. For the boy whose girlfriend prefers black to pink and the girl who prefers Dita Von Teese to Britney Spears, some bad-ass jewelry (some Alexis Bittar snuck into this one too). If you want to see some other jewelry posts click here, here, here and here, :

Erie Basin: Lee Hale Rose Thorn Earrings

Alexis Bittar: Onyx Skull Necklace and ring, pearl skull necklace and ring

Erica Weiner: Gun and dagger necklace and handcuff necklace (maybe you’re into mouse bondage?)

Beebalaou on Etsy: Dangerous gambler necklace

Chocosho: Skull necklace