Video-game art, Orsinal games, and art evocative cocktails

Orsinal games images

Much to the chagrin of my video-game loving husband I don’t really get into them. I used to be obsessed with Tetris and when I was a kid loved playing winter Olympics on my Apple 2gs ( I even played Super Mario 1 in college since I never had it growing up. I was too scared of the fireballs on the chains so I could never get passed a low level). I’m not into World of Warcraft (which I pretend to think is called “Army of Darkness” to get my husband’s goat), or Ps2 for that matter.

Recently at a party our cocktail loving friends, Mike and Hannah concocted a delectable drink that they coined “Golden Fawn”(2 oz light rum
2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
1 oz ginger syrup (Mike recommends Great Uncle Cornelius’, if you can find it)
1 oz homemade Falernum

I told them their drink title evoked the image of a soft fawn in a sunny field. Actually I pictured Lily Piri’s work (especially this illo).

Mike told me about Orsinal games saying they would also fit my initial vision of their cocktail. The games are sweet, pretty and cute. Check them out for aesthetic reasons or to play.

Also, I recieved this book Video Game Art as a gift once. It’s a good one if you are interested in the art that makes your favorite game look they way it does, or if you are just interested in this modern pioneering art form.