More on Macarons, I’m just obsessed.

more on macarons

Ok, I’m still obsessing about macarons since my last post about them. I want to go back to Paris so badly. My husband does too but thinks we should be saving for an apartment and paying bills. Ugh he’s so logical. Anyway for today’s post, I happened upon the macaron plates and went from there. When I do paint the walls of our perspective first home I think using color hunter and my favorite macaron colors is a great plan.

1 Macaron plates via Domestic

2 Macaron tea set via paris breakfasts blog (I could not find the set when I followed the link…it’s nice to look at though).

3 Macaron color palettes via color hunter. This one reminds me of my recent post about wear palettes.

If anyone knows where to get the macaron tea set online please let me know. Also, don’t think I’d hesitate to post more about macarons if anyone comes up with more cool macaron color sites, products, or any macaron items I’m unaware of. I’d like to be a macaron expert (eater/ looker at that is, not maker, they’re too complicated).

•In other news, I’m working on some Valentine’s Day cards that I’m going to make available for free to download so if anyone has any feedback so far, share share. Here they are on flickr in early drafts. I’ll have to make two versions of each, one with color background and one plain so people can choose whether they want to print on color or white paper. They’ll be 5 X 7. More to come.