Chocolate color palette: Clothing and accessories for men and women in brown tones

chocolate palette clothing for maquette
Chocolate browns

I’m quite obsessed with color and how evocative it can be of feelings, memories, and tastes. I’ve decided to compile a few unisex fashion items within certain color palettes. Chocolate browns were a lovely place to start. The words that come to mind for me when I see a lovely shade of brown are “rich, luscious, and smooth”. These words can often circumvent boundaries and be used to describe foods like chocolate for example. I think brown is also an elegant color, understated, and classy. In certain fabrics its many tones can be seen such as in the silk blouse above. So here’s my chocolate palette. Some others I’d love to do are: Red, pink, orange and yellow.
Women’s items:

  1. Hanii Y silk blouse via Zoe
  2. Chloe Tania maryjanes via Zoe
  3. Marc Jacobs eyeglasses via framesdirect
  4. Mary Jo Matsumoto South Sea Pearl leaf earring in chocolate

Men’s items:

  1. Rag & Bone combat shirt via zoe
  2. Fiorentini + Baker ankle boots via zoe
  3. Oliver Peoples Prescott via
  4. Skagen from Denmark watch via ewatches