Creature Comfort’s stunning Style & Design blog gallery (with Maquette in it). Plus, Marc Jacobs Mouse flats…too cute!

creature comforts

Mice shoes

Happy Mardi Gras! Here’s a photo of me and Dave from last weekend at my friend Erin‘s b’day party.

And now for the post: I’m totally blown away by the job Ez did on Creature Comforts creating an amazing alphabetical web gallery of style and design blogs (a visual database for the aesthetically hungry). Seriously, creating layouts that evoke a visual sense of their source is a huge undertaking. I’ve been enjoying perusing her gallery and finding new blogs based on alluring images. I can’t say I’ll do it on Maquette. The thought of it stresses me out and makes my eyes water. So Ez you rock! I’m so honored that Maquette is on there.

In the midst of packing for the big move Friday, I totally forgot I ordered these Marc Jacobs Mouse flats from Ebay (new and on sale!). When they arrived I was so thrilled. I think they’re the cutest things in the world. I even have a little song and dance I do in them…that I only do in front of my husband and dog for good reason. I call them my meesers (it’s my nick name for mice).