Zac Posen, you’re a genius. Plus, My Lucky friend’s street style.

Zac Posen, you're a God and genius.

Zac Posen by Sam
I have not been following Fashion Week too closely due to the move and other projects but I happened across A Cup Of Joe‘s post about Zac Posen (pre-fall 2008) and fell madly in love. These silhouettes, colors and fabrics are so stunning and rich. I’m blown away (I even created a color palette on Copaso of my favorite colors of his designs).

I’m dying to do some drawings with his designs in mind. Honestly, to me this is where fashion is high art. To create a work of art that will enhance the female form like this is so incredible. His work makes people look luminous and light. I’m amazed. I don’t think I’ll ever get to wear one of his designs but I am so happy to admire them.

My girlfriend works for Lucky Magazine and has been caught by the Sartorialist, the Sunday Times, and now Elle Street Chic. This is her, number 13. The short hemline, black tights and high heels are so evocative of Posen. What a great look! Does not hurt to have great legs. I love heels theoretically but prefer short to tottery high. (I wear a painty smock all day at work…not sexy or Posen-esq).

* News: Look CasaSugar linked to me via Decor8…yippeeee!!! Stupendous blogs.