Creative Solutions for Holding your Baubles (Ice Trays, Boxes, Coat Hangers, Jewelry Racks & More. Plus My Sense of Decorroom…get it decor-room? (pun intended).

jewelry storage

Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend. We were away so unpacking and all the other “just moved” work took a hiatus. It was a nice break but I’m dying to get back to it all. Tomorrow I’ll finish stripping our antique coffee table. Here’s my flickr stream of the apt. in progress. I’ll keep adding photos as we go (did you like my little pun above? I’m lame). We’ve moved passed the stages pictured. I just have to snap some new shots. I’ll post more soon.

For now, how about some cool storage solutions. Speaking of cool, how about storing your jewelry in an ice cube tray?:

I just bought a lovely jewelry box from Anthropologie similar to this one. If you are not into boxes or have a ton of jewels, above are some wonderful alternatives that will incorporate your baubles into the decor of your dresser, wall, or another part of your space.

My stuff is always tangled in one jewelry box, now I have one large one and two small. I’m thinking of getting some cool jam lids or something to delineate earrings from rings and necklaces within the boxes. I’ll post pictures when I have it all sorted out.

1Urban Outfitters gift stand found via The Hinter.

2Well Dressed Home

3Real Simple solution

Plus, here are some other fab solutions via Martha Stewart. I think I’m going to make a shadow box at some point.

And, here are some storage tips from Thrifty Fun.

*If you need new baubles check out the new stuff by Abigail Percy & Madame Fortuna.

I know valentine’s day is finito but did you see the “B-mine” cards?