Great site, great stuff, beautiful design. + DFM’s Blogger Yearbook Party. ++ Sex & the City Trailer!!!.

I would really like to have this stuff from Violet on my desk.
desk stuff

  1. Bubble in a box (would be great to hold paper clips and tape and stuff like that)
  2. Aviary desk set (maybe I’d write some letters and do snail mail)
  3. Universal filing system (might be better than my current system of stacks of paper and post-it notes)

**Also, if you are a blogger and are comfortable with what you looked like in high school, or at least have a sense of humor about it, submit your photos to my new pal Erin’s “Blogger Yearbook Party 2008“. Erin of Design For Mankind is just full of fun and brilliant ideas, like her E-zines. Anyway, mine will be in there. I thought using sun-in and lip-liner would be a good idea my sophomore year. As you’ll see from my photo, it was not.

**Cup Of Jo posted the Sex & The city Trailer which I’ve taken a blood oath to see with my best girls Jolie and Violet. We used to watch it together back in the day.