A love affair with wallpaper: My coffee table on Ferm Living’s Blog, and the wallpaper art of Dallas Shaw

dallas shaw

finished table details
I am like a wallpaper stalker….if it’s Ferm Living papers we’re talking about. I first posted about them here, then I made friends with Christiana, Ferm’s US rep. Next, we traded some prints of my work for some large and lovely samples….then I could not resist ordering a roll of this. I used the sample of it for this DIY project that Christiana posted on Ferm Living Clever Spaces Blog here.

The blog universe seems to be in alignment…with wallpaper in mind at least, ’cause the same day my project was posted on Ferm, Dallas Shaw contacted me about her work. Serendipitously enough I’ve been meaning to post about her for a while. I saw her on Bloesom a while back and she’s represented by my friend Jessica in the Shiny Squirrel Shop. I used to make cards for friends using wallpaper as a dress or pattern in a picture, Dallas uses it as her canvas or paper for prints and paintings (I love the object prints above). Her work is fashionable, bold, and graphic. I’m so glad she contacted me about it. I’m a fan!