Wren bags and blog: A South African surface/textile designer’s foray into fashion. She does it all.

wren bags

I love these Wren bags on Etsy. The Wren blog is also fascinating to me as I’ve been getting very interested in textile and surface design lately. Each bag is one-of-a-kind, made by Wendren or occasionally a couple of artisan seamstresses she knows from her community in South Africa. The fabrics are so beautiful and the structure really graphic and efficient. Wendren was even nice enough to comment on my patterns with some great advice. Perhaps, if I keep following her blog I’ll learn a thing or two about textiles from her. She’s a pro.

Check out the shop before all the bags go. They’re selling like hotcakes. My favorite design is being admired by some quick buyer’s friends as we speak!

* Speaking of gorgeous textiles, we just got our Amenity Pillows…but Pita has claimed them for herself.

Here’s where you can get Amenity stuff.