Skinny LaMinx: Blog, Elle Decor SA, & Etsy shop. Plus my new patterns and Decor8’s post.

Skinny La Minx

Heather of the fabulous Skinny LaMinx blog does everything. She designs beautiful textiles for her own etsy shop (I want the tea towels and pillow above). She also blogs on Elle Decor SA. To top it all off she’s an illustrator. A regular ol’ Renaissance woman. If you are not already subscribed to Skinny La Minx, you should really check it out. Also, I have an insider tip that she’ll be adding a new tea towel design to her shop today, Thursday! Act fast and check it out!

On another note:

new prints
Holly of the famous Decor8 was nice enough to post my patterns with an open call to her readers to weigh in on the surface and pattern design industry. Their comments were so helpful. I have to go out now and buy like 20 books and I also have to keep working on my designs and perhaps seek out a rep. Who knows. It’ll be a long and interesting hall. Holly is so amazing. It’s bloggers like her that make an art/design community…that’s what it’s all about in my opinion. Here are a couple of designs I just made.