Modern Color-field artists: Jim Lambie, Maya Hayuk, Mark Grotjahn, and more. Plus, artists who use light and color as their media: Spencer Finch, Philip Rahm, & Lisa Yuskavage.

colorful artists
As some of you know, I contribute to Color Lovers blog. The posts are far more content rich than on Maquette so I thought I’d share. Hope you are as in love with color as I am!

I recently did two extensive posts on artists whose use of color and light are just astonishing. I won’t say too much, I’ll just link to the full posts and include some enticing pictures above.

  1. Artists who use light and color as their media
  2. Modern Color Field Artists: Using the full spectrum

**Read this wonderful Maira Kalman interview from Inspiration Boards blog after you finish with the posts above.

****I’ve been working night and day on my patterns. I have to learn the software that will help me to make them into true repeats for textiles and surface designs. I can’t wait to share my progress…soon.