Rumplo: Cool T-Shirts From All Over The Globe. Plus, Urban Tailor: Design Your Own Hoodie Or Jacket.

rumplo tee shirts
I’ve been slanted toward the ladies lately. It’s only fair that I think of the men-folk, so this post is all for them. Or you, if you have one you want to buy a Tee for. Rumplo has nice tee’s for everyone.

I love that you can browse by color too. Nice touch.

I just started reading this excellent blog by Josh Spear and co. They found this great site called Urban Tailor where you can pick fabrics and styles to design a custom piece with all the details you desire. Very cool.

(funny coincidence is, I just noticed my college roommate is the one who posted on Josh Spear about Urban Tailor…time to get back in touch with Evan).

*Tangentially, I want to eat one of these special cupcakes.