Marcel Dzama: Dark art.

Marcel Dzama

I’m fascinated by Canadian artist Marcel Dzama’s work. There is a real dichotomy between the darkness and how inviting his delicate lines are. At first glance, his images are friendly almost graphic novel-esq. There are creatures, ghosts and characters interacting with humans doing things. He creates a universe where animals, spirits, and creatures co-exist. The humans have benign looks on their faces in the midst of nightmarish situations. Dzama’s ability create these narrative pieces with such a subtlety that the viewer has to go beyond the surface image and confront fear is masterful. The more I look at these pictures, the more symbolism I see. Take a peek. His work is here. He recently had a show here.

*I’ve been working like mad to get my pattern portfolio together and I’m about to launch a new section on my site. I’ll post my new patterns this week! I just learned the software I needed to make the work into actual repeats for wallpaper, textiles, and other surfaces. Can’t wait to launch.