Little announcements and a sneak peak at my new Etsy shop.

Little news, announcements, and links to share:

  1. A site and blog I adore, Orange Beautiful and it’s blog The Scoop posted about my patterns.
  2. I have some illustrations in the new issue of Fashion156. I’m so happy that they accompany Susie Bubble‘s writing.

Plus, a mini preview launch…my Etsy shop is up and running! I’m going to announce it more loudly later when I launch the new pattern section on my site I have not even told any of my most supportive blog friends. I’m finishing up a couple of designs for it.

YEAH! I can’t wait to share. I’ve been working my ass off and neglecting all chores to my husband/web master’s dismay. The pooch is giving me the cold shoulder too. It’ll be exciting to get that going though then I can try to make it up to all who I’ve been neglecting.