I’m loving these 80’s inspired Tees. I’d wear the pink one, cause everyone’s “Pretty in pink”. Plus, my NEWEST PATTERNS!

80's inspired t-shirts

New Patterns

  1. One of a kind Mammal Mag Tee by Tom Forget (a take on PUSHEAD‘S t-shirts for Metallica in the 80’s). Another post on Tom and Mammal.
  2. Mouth to mouth via Rumplo by Sahadeva (a far more awesome version of the 80’s Rolling Stone’s kisser). Another post on Tee’s from Rumplo.
  3. Vamp via Poketo by Pietari Posti (love the rad colors, akin to this). More on Poketo: 1, 2.

On another note, I’ve been churning out patterns like Apple churns out i products. Now I just have to figure out how to market them. Ugh, my least favorite aspect of art making. My lovely blogger friends are too supportive. Now I have to try to follow their advice and make a go of licensing the stuff. Anyway, check out my site. I’ve added like 10 new patterns since I launched last week.

Here are some new ones that I just added to my site:

Built-in Bookshelves, Bicycles, Charmed, Roses, Woodgrain, & Honeycomb & Bees.