Brocades & Barcodes. Plus, a little link love for Kitsune Noir, Matthew Newton, and Skinny La Minx.

*Brocade triad:

cool Japanese barcode art via Dark Roasted Blend:

*I feel unconstrained when I do more illustrative designs but I want to do some takes on tradition too. I just completed this bright chartreuse pattern making a little collection of three brocade-esq designs. I made another for a little wall mural I just did on my friend’s wall. I’ll take a picture of that later.

In the meantime, you must check out this blog by Matthew Newton I just discovered via another favorite read-see of mine: Kitsune Noir. Both run by very cool boys. Matthew was lovely and added a link to my art site in his informer section. Thanks Matthew! Oh and do check out his/his wife’s very cool etsy shop, a collection of vintage housewares. I better tell Heather of Skinny La Minx in case she needs more mugs for reference or tea. Congrats to her for winning the coolest blog in S.A. award!

Tomorrow I promise you a post that has nothing to do with pattern. How about that?! I get pretty myopic when I’m excited about something huh?