Maquette’s guide to Indie Fashion/Beauty/Style/Art Mags.

indie mags
I love the big glossies but there’s something about an independent magazine that’s special. Indies are always turning over stones to find the undiscovered flower. Plus they’re so fresh and current.

I made a little list below of some of my favorites. The first four are the images above. See, as promised, nothing about patterns today!! You don’t know how hard it is for my not to post the new ones I’m working on. Oh one more thing before I list the mags, I got my first official etsy order today from a lovely fashion blogger! Check her out.

Now for my list of mags:

  1. N.E.E.T
  2. Lovely (I might be doing an illo for their next issue!)
  3. Indie
  4. Fashion 156 (I did a couple of illos for their latest issue)
  5. Metro Pop
  6. A4
  7. 10
  8. Bon
  9. Sesame (I think they might be done : ( though)
  10. Ruby