Serving trays that are too delightful to cover with teapots and finger sandwiches.

delightful serving trays

Serving trays are such a great surface venue for decorative art and patterns. Plus, I love the variety of shapes they come in. The trays above are available from these fantastic online shops. Check them out.

Bunny Maxwell:

1.Decorative tray

2.Oblong tray

How fun and vintage inspired! I wish I could be a 30’s girl in silk frocks with marcel curls and satin shoes.

Deadly Squire:

I had to list (3.) two circular trays. It was a duel for me…I mean tie. I got to meet the male half of this amazing team at Brooklyn Flea. He was great. So if you want to purchase some deadly goods in person go to the Flea. I promise to post photos from my little trip there in the near future. I’m just frantic getting all my samples made in time for Surtex and making more patterns. These guys print their own stuff. Two hardy pats on the back squires.

Feeling More Human:

4.Rectangular tray

Lovely and evocative of vintage horticultural drawings.