Design*Sponge posted my patterns & Shiny Squirrel shop is carrying some exclusive prints!+ some tiny treasures.

My art in Shiny Squirrel shop and tiny treasures I found on my stoop (they’re going to become a pattern soon):
Design Sponge/ Shiny Squirrel post

I’m beyond thrilled that Grace of Design*Sponge did an amazing post about my patterns and Surtex debut yesterday. Thank you Grace. I love D*S and absorb inspiration from it everyday. So it was a real coo to be featured. I’m getting really excited for Surtex, making patterns everyday, printing my work, having samples made…avoiding drafting up contracts…you know the usual artist behaviors: All art, no business.

In other exciting news, Shiny Squirrel is now featuring a series of my work to sell as exclusive art prints in the Shiny Squirrel shop. I hope you like the work. It’s available here.

Check out Jessica’s fashion blog and the other wonderful artist’s work she carries in her shop.

Here are some posts I’ve done on Jessica’s shop in the past: Shiny Squirrel launch, Maquette gift guide (featuring Shiny Squirrel items).

Some new patterns:

new patterns
I’m trying to make some more generic themed patterns before the show. I have a lot of illustrative ones so I thought it would be good to just have some that are not conceptual, that are solely visual and pretty, hence the apples and dreamy lilac circle pattern above. I am also working on some plates that I’ll post soon. I hope you’re not bored of my patterns. If you are, check out Tauba Auerbach’s new work, here’s some older work of her’s that I love.