Shopping by Color: Etsy, Polyvore, and other companies that let you work within your favorite palette.

etsy yellow- shopping by color

I love making color palettes (red, blue, brown, yellow). I used to just hunt around for items I loved and make them in photoshop. Then I started using colourlovers palettes and polyvore. It looks like many companies these days are making it easy to shop by color. I just created a few examples for you today from Polyvore (a macaron pink palette) and Etsy (chartreuse palette) .

Shop by color ETSY

  1. Mountain of the dragon vintage fabric
  2. Brookadelphia Bee necklace
  3. Sasha Barr Peace silkscreen
  4. Man made designs pendant

Shop and Create on Polyvore:

Here are the two sets I created. You can click on items to see where they’re from.

* I did a quick google hunt to see which companies came up first when I typed in “shop by color”. Here’re companies that let you search and shop by color:

  1. Yahoo
  2. Russell and Hazel (These guys created color palettes for you to search within. I want to explore their site some more. Their stuff looks really nice).
  3. Fredericks of Hollywood (I can’t believe I’m talking about them on my blog…ugh)
  4. Bluefly

If you know of any other great ones out there, please drop me an email or comment so I can post more. Thanks! Oh and have a beautiful weekend.