A view from Surtex…

birdies everywhere!!!
surtex day 1

Ok day one is over…my feet are really tired. I should not have worn heels. Anyway on a more important note, I made some talented friends at the show. Here’s a little sample of my new design buddies. I’ll do a post on each of them after the show. I never post on Sunday but I was excited to introduce you to these talents. I’ll tell you all about my show when it’s over…like on Wednesday perhaps

These new talented friends are all having their first show like me! We’re gamblers.

  1. Dadabank is an LA based design co. that makes really slick silhouettes that have so many applications from home decor to comsumer products. The designer is a classically trained painter.
  2. Sawdust and Tinsel is Eloise Corr Danch my new friend. The moment I saw her floating by in an adorable dress over a long sleeved shirt with her thick name-plate necklace and wavy raggidy anne hair, I knew we had to meet. Her booth is delightful! It’s full of very crafty handmade drawing/collages and mixed media sewings all with a fashion edge. She’s even having a show at the Anthropologie to display her paper dresses. I can’t wait to see them. She’s a Brooklyn girl like me so we’re going to meet up and perhaps collaborate or at least pow-wow about art and design. With the name of one of my favorite children’s book characters and the hand of and illustrator, crafter, pattern maker…I’m excited to learn more about her and her work.

Today was only the first day though. There’s so much more to see. Enjoy the beginning of your work week friends.