Surtex Overview: Been there, did it.

I’m back! Sorry Maquette’s been dormant for the last two days. I was fully engaged with Surtex. Everything else was totally neglected. Sorry Dave & Pita. I love you. Here’s a little overview with pics of my booth!

Surtex booth

Surtex2 booth

I met so many artists to keep in touch with and root for. As for my experience, it was really interesting and I would say good. I made some really amazing contacts that I don’t think I would have made if it were not for the D*S, Decor8, Design For Mankind, Skinny LaMinx, Oh Joy! and many others. The combination of debuting my patterns at the show and online seemed to work together nicely. I don’t want to say too much about which companies I’m talking with. I certainly would not want to jinx anything. But I promise to keep you posted.

Thank you all my dear readers for your support and for hearing me out during my jitters and pattern obsessing. I’ll be posting more art soon as I have a couple of illustration jobs I’m working on and tons of ideas for personal and collaborative projects. So stay with me. Grace on D*S also did a wrap up post on me and my neighbors following the lovely initial post she did that brought so many people to my humble booth.

I had journals, t-shirts, bags, cushions, purses, fake polaroid application photos on the wall, tromploeil frames with illustrations on the wall, wallpaper, posters, cards, and all of my patterns in print sleeves on the table. My faux notebook paper with built in dirty doodle was a hit. Maybe one of the stationary companies I talked too will pick it up?? I hope so!!!