Blimey, I miss my Surtex mates: Sara Taylor Designs

Sara Taylor

I really do feel a little Surtex sick. Like being at camp all summer and coming back to real life. It was kind of fun. We all had our little booths and we’d go over to each other to complain during slow periods and rush over to each other after a good contact came by. We’d keep an eye on each other’s booths when we needed to run and pee or get coffee. It was just a nice mini community. I was across the isle from Potterton Books, a British company that finds rare examples of designs and patterns and puts them into huge books as rare collections. Companies can buy them and be sure no one else will have them. Publishing companies can too and then publish their findings. Anyway, the booth looked like a bookshop on Diagon Alley. Nick, the booth proprietor was an ably chap. We made fast friends. He let me look at rare art deco wallpapers. I wish I had 5k.

Sara Taylor was a few booths away from me and Nick. Another Brit. She makes stunning patterns and designs. My favorite of her work are her china tableware. They’re modern, quirky, and at the same time elegant and sophisticated. Sara is a real talent to watch for. Check out her wall art, greeting cards, and more.

She had a bloody good booth. I’d wait in a cue with plaits in my hair to see her. I know how to speak British.

Check Sara out.