Bird Dresses: Easy + Breezy round-up. + My memorial day dress + economic stimulus contribution.

Bird Dresses

I’m always on the hunt for that perfect “comfortable” dress. You know, not a sack trapeze and not a slinky McSlinkerson. I just want a breezy, yet flattering silhouette, interesting but not busy print, or bold solid everyday dress, is that a lot to ask? Joanna Goddard’s little post about a nice Bird dress, got me perusing. Bird really has a number of dresses that fit my bill. Here’s a sample:

  1. Sunshine & Shadow t-shirt dress (I’d belt it)
  2. Acne (the one Jo mentioned, nice shape)
  3. Maciun (out of stock…erggggg! I love love love this pattern, the cut is almost irrelevant to me. I usually prefer fitted at the waist but of course, as I’ve mentioned I’m a big belter. I mean I wear belts a lot, I don’t punch people). If anyone sees this elsewhere please let me know. I really love her designs.
  4. Helmut Lang (this might be the perfect everyday dress. The color is to die for, the cut is interesting but not fancy. I could wear it with my gladiators or heels. Only problem is the price.

I really like these dresses posted by Betsy of Fashion is Spinach too.

memorial day dress
Here’s the dress I wore on Memorial day. I don’t like the top half of the photo. I’m kind of awkward in photos. I need to take lessons from Jennine and Susie. I like having pictures taken but then I don’t like seeing them. Plus, I don’t like my haircut. So I chopped this photo in half. You get the picture.

Here’s a Marc Jacobs T-shirt I bought at Filene’s this afternoon to help the economy. That’s the only reason.
economic stimulus t-shirt