prints and patterns to wear and frame

frameable apparel prints

  1. Perks & Mini: Metro Robo Dress (I saw this one on Lena Corwin’s incredible blog)
  2. Ivana Helsinki Skirt
  3. Mociun Babydoll Dress

Above are some amazing textiles and prints that I would like to frame and wear. I think commercial art such as textile design can be more thrilling than a canvas in a museum. There’s something accessible and yet the artistry is so visible. I love what Andy Warhol said about department stores being like museums. He bridged fine and commercial art with such aplomb.

The apparel patterns above are fine art…made commercial. When you look at a painting, you assume it’ll be around forever. Design is more fleeting…though sometimes it’s not. Eames chairs left an imprint on the world. Merimekko patterns are certainly considered “art” despite their intentional usage.

I love that pattern making is free from the presupposed constraints of permanance that fine art is burdened with. Patterns like the ones above are so artful and can have the same effect of fine art on people.