my other life


In addition to illustration and pattern making, I’m an art teacher. I absolutely love it. There are tough days of course but I work with a wonderful age group 5 yr-8yr old. Kids are wonderfully creative and so fascinating to be around. Sometimes I come home exhausted but I get revived by doing my own artwork. The school year is wrapping up. Here are some really nice letters I received and some cute photos of some first graders displaying their giant ice cream cone painted sculptures. One of the letters is from one of my favorite kindergarten kids about the time I was “apsint” (absent). I was at Surtex. I think that’s me in the garden. Nice attention to detail, he added roots on the flowers and my curly hair. The sweet one on top required a little phonetic translation, “lick”= like, “droing”= drawing, “pating”= painting. I chopped the photos to protect the kid’s secret identities. They’re super heroes in their other lives.

Have a lovely weekend.
-Samantha (aka Ms. Hahn)