Zillion: Using kimono fabric for modern hats and accessories


I just had the greatest weekend ever! I went out for dinner with Dave on Friday and saw Werner Herzog’s fantastic new documentary. Then went up to Nikki‘s for a really fun Sat-Sun evening with my best friends of over 17 years (we truly know everything about each other)! Then got back to Brooklyn and went for a beautiful bike ride/picnic with Dave and watched fireflies, swallows, and clouds in the park while talking about quantum mechanics and the difference of opinion in the scientific community about what it is.

Anyway, check out Zillion:
Coolhunting found a really cool company that make modern clothing using the traditional patterns of Japanese kimonos, Tokyo-based French designer David Guarino’s line Zillion reinvents the fabric by making caps, belts, shoelaces, hoodies and other modern staples out of the delicate material.
Here’s an interview with the maker from Pingmag. Here’s a link to Zillion‘s site where you will see a list of shops that carry the goods including Rare Device.