Celebrity portraits in progress: Amy Winehouse, Madonna, + Judd Apatow

celebrity portraits

Here are some celebrity portraits I’m working on. They’re not finished. I have to add the Yankees symbol to Madonna’s jersey and decide if I will color them or not. When I was younger I used to dream of doing the Rollingstone contents page but now I never do celebrity art. I just thought this would be fun to do. I chose Amy Winehouse cause I thought it would be funny to add junk into her beehive. I put in a crack pipe, cigarettes, and other garbage. I did Madonna in A-Rod’s jersey, and Judd Apatow who I think is a total genius from Freaks and Geeks to Superbad (hence my Michael Cera portrait), in a superlative yearbook page as “class clown”, “most likely to succeed”, and “most reliable”. I can’t wait to see Pineapple Express starring my celebrity crush James Franco. Anyway, so this is totally diverging from prints and pretty illos but I just needed a break.