Art loves fashion: Sylvia Sanchez’s collection Warmi

Sylvia Sanchez collection: Warmi

I’m still planning on a good and long post for Monday with news and updates on my California trip, recent work, and just good stuff. Today I’m still catching up on freelance stuff before teaching resumes in Sept. eeeek…so soon.

I could not help but think about the crisp air of autumn when I read this Makool loves you post on Sylvia Sanchez‘s beautiful clothing/ objects. It reminded me of a drawing I did a little while ago. I had to juxtapose them for you in this post.

Here’s what Sylvia is doing:

“Striving for a subtle balance between authentic and contemporary, with an obsession for noble materials and fascinated with handcraft techniques, Sylvia Sanchez, Franco-Colombian & chief designer of WARMI, conceive this articles as objects rather than as clothes”.

Read more here.