Sheer inspiration: Doo Ri, Nimli, Moscot….last chance to dress light before the chill is back in the air


  1. Sheer Doo Ri dress
  2. Sheer Nimli scarf
  3. Clear frame sunglasses (Moscot)

Summer’s over sadly. I just love the sheer trend and think it can still be worn till the weather gets colder. I also think the  Doo Ri dress would look great with black tights and a belted cardigan. The scarf is so Bridget Bardot. I’m not sure what I think about clear glasses. I kind of like them. I guess they could work on some people and not others. It all depends on how you feel in them. I really believe that. What do you think?

A little addendum:

You could use this Sheer finishing powder. & if I ever had to be a bridesmaid, I’d like to wear this sheer Thread dress.