Glamour Magazine October: My illustrations for “10 Things He’s Thinking When You’re Naked”

October Illustrations in Glamour Magazine
Above are some illustrations I did for the (October) Glamour List. Here are the one’s illustrated:

  1. “Who is Mike, and what is his name doing there?”
  2. “Focus on her eyes, focus on her eyes, focus on her…oh, forget it.”
  3. “That web-cam didn’t begin to do her justice”
  4. “Please don’t put on that baggy t-shirt”

Here’s one that was rejected in favor of the one above with the star under the eye girl:
Oct Glamour Mag reject

Here they are in the magazine:
illos in the mag

On the page after the Glamour list there’s an Obama and McCain “rate their own do’s & don’ts”. There’s a picture of Obama in a bathing suit. Looking good, he is.

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