Embroidered text messages, my illo in Blanket Magazine + Shiny Squirrel shop discount for Maquette readers!

Text Message Embroidery

My friend Hannah just sent me a link to this great text message embroidery.  I feel really voyeuristic reading someone’s personal text, though they’re anonymous. Texting is so ephemeral. Bringing them into artistic permanence by embroidering them tickles me. What a fun idea.

In other news Here’s an illustration I did for Blanket Magazine:

Blanket Magazine Illustration

Here’s a great gift for you my dear Maquette readers!!

Jessica proprietress of the Shiny Squirrel just wrote to inform me that she’s offering Maquette readers (that’s you!) a free gift if you spend $20 dollars or more in the shop. In addition to that, if you buy one of my new prints in the shop you’re going to get one of my older ones with it for free! So you could really walk away with 3 things!! Yippee!! Enter “Maquette” at checkout.

I sincerely hope you have an absolutely lovely and splendid weekend. See you Monday.