My new illustrations for Glamour Magazine (+ versions that did not make the cut) + birthday feasts!

Illustrations for November Glamour Magazine

October 14th is my official birthday. I could not ask for a better gift then the job of illustrating for the Glamour list each month (Sept, Oct)! November just came out. Above are the illos that accompany this text: “Rent before shoes”, “Your body is a wonderland”, “You must vote”, and “You have much better friends than Ben & Jerry”. Here’s the cover/spread of the Nov issue. Below are some of the drafts that lead to the illos above that made the cut:
Glamour Illustration rejects
Glamour November reject illos
Glamour Nov. reject illos

So we celebrated my birthday over the weekend with my family. My parents, brother, and nana came over with a feast that my mom prepared with quiche, tortellini in beshemel and fresh pesto, salad, and a delicious apple pie with the letters of my nick name on the top of the crust. As if that was not enough to satiate my hunger till next year’s b’day, Dave made a wonderful breakfast of waffles the next morning and we walked around Brooklyn all day. It was glorious! Tues. night I celebrate with my girlfriends! Here are some photos of the feasts:
Birthday dinner
Birthday breakfast