10 easy steps to making your own hair accessory!

Hair accessories how-to
I am so in love with vintage inspired hair accessories. I especially love feather fascinators and vintage combs. So I decided to go about making some of my own. It was really simple and fun. Anyone can do it. I broke it down into 10 simple steps just for you dear readers. You could even skip a few steps if you like (the written instructions are below the following images).
Hair accessory how-to

Hair accessory how-to 2

Materials: All you’ll need is felt, feathers, a ribbon, a button, and hot glue. If you want, you can use leather instead of felt for the base and fabric instead of feathers for the decorative part.

Here are the simple steps (now you can have a hair accessory to go with every outfit, or a special one for a wedding or party):

  • 1. Cut a rounded teardrop shape out of leather or felt (whatever size you desire. The one pictured is about the size of my pointer finger)
  • 2. Pick your feathers. I like mixing colors a bit (the combo above is a light turquoise, white, and some light pink ones in the back, just to peek through a bit). I like to lay them out in a little fan array at this step.
  • 3-4. Hot glue a blob on the leather or felt base. Carefully lay the feathers over it a few at a time (you can wear gloves if you like or a sewing thimble (I like to risk it but hot glue burns are really painful so it’s your call). Press down once you’ve laid the top layer of feathers on. The hot glue seeps through enough to stick them all.
  • 5. (optional) lay one feather facing the other direction (this makes the feathers less of a fan shape and more of a cloche shape).
  • 6. Cut concentric circles out of ribbon, one smaller than the next and glue them into a little flower shape. Or skip all of this a use a button (see photos above for examples).
  • 7. Glue ribbon flower or button over the feather convergence point (where the stems meet). This step helps hold everything together and hides glue.
  • 8. Glue two little drops of glue across width of base leather or felt.
  • 9. Cut leather or felt strip and place over glue drops. Make certain the center is not glued down.
  • 10. Add bobby pin and then you can clip into your hair. I usually need two. I have curly hair. You can also hot glue a barrette, comb, head band, or hair band onto the back. It’s your aesthetic call.

And that’s it! Pretty easy right? You’ll probably want to make a bunch once you get started. Won’t these be great gifts for the holidays or for a wedding party or something?

Hope you enjoy!