My Craft Magazine pattern printed by Spoonflower!

Craft Magazine pattern

I was so excited when the superbly wonderful art director over at Craft asked me to create a Craft Magazine pattern! What could possibly be more fun? I opened my mailbox this afternoon and there was the latest issue of Craft! I’m always excited to receive it but was especially thrilled to see how the pattern came out. Craft had it printed by Spoonflower. I can’t begin to say enough about Spoonflower (Holly was the first to suggest them to me).

Remember my starlet harlot pattern? They’re printing it up as we speak. They’re such an incredible company (husband and wife founded). I plan to work with them lots. Read about them here. I’ll do a more extensive post on them when my fabric comes in. For now, pick up the latest issue of Craft (on news stands Nov. 4th) and see what they have to say. Or check out the digital version here.

Here’s a sneak peek of the spread that features the Craft pattern printed so beautifully by Spoonflower!:

Craft Magazine spread