Happy Halloween!

Halloween beauties

vintage Halloween posters

Don’t forget you can download my Halloween card designs for free!

Thank you Lisa from Bust Magazine for posting my cards on the Bust blog!

Thanks NOTCOT for posting about them! Congrats NOTCOT.org for ranking in the Home Rejuvenation 10 Most Influential Design Blogs! Anna and Sean the talented duo of Sub-Studio / NOTCOT contributors were lovely enough to post my cards.

Also the wonderful Jen at Indie Fixx included me in this incredibly spookily crafty Halloween round-up. It’s not too late to check it out and whip something up for the big night.

I think someone else posted too….please let me know so I can thank you here! I don’t want to neglect you!

Happy Halloween, have fun and be safe! Safe as in don’t eat yourself into a sugar stooper and fall asleep on the sidewalk. Oh and check out Ez’s post over at Creature Comforts. She rounded up objects that would be good for Halloween but also transcend it (that’s why it’s ok for my to post about them on the actual day). Here’s the link to “Too Cool for Ghoul“.