Built By Wendy and gingko leaves

built by wendy
Built by Wendy is a brand I love. I could not help but peruse her site for some sale items after having brunch with Lisa of one hot child in the city who donned a lovely Built By Wendy tee last weekend. I limited myself to just one sale purchase.

I adore the bomber jacket and would love to wear it with the pink dress (I’ve been coveting it for quite a while now) and black tights. That dress is so spring but with the jacket and tights would transition really well into fall/winter. Or so I think. There are a lot of great shirts and tunics on sale as well.

The one item I chose was the art teacher blouse (item 3 in my round-up above). I mean come on! It’s like it was made for me. I’m an art teacher after all. I love to belt shirts or wear shirts that come with a built in tie. I could not resist this one.

  1. Poplin bomber
  2. pink one strap dress
  3. art teacher blouse
  4. sailor tunic

Gingko trees in Prospect Heights
Dave and I had a beautiful weekend culminating in a long walk in Prospect Park with the pooch. I’m totally obsessed with the bright beautiful gingko trees. The leaves are falling down now and look so striking against the dark gray pavement. These photos were taken with Dave’s iphone so they don’t do the colors justice but I had to share.