My new illustrations for Glamour Magazine “10 Things Every Woman Really, Really Wants For The Holidays”

December illustrations for Glamour List
Above is a set of illustrations I did for Glamour Magazine in the December issue.
December Glamour Illustrations
Here are some of the drafts that did not make the cut:
more rejects

Here’re the other illos I’ve done for the Glamour List since September. I’m attaching links to other posts on them and the drafts that did not make the cut if you are interested:

  1. November
  2. October
  3. September

Oh and a really cool thing happened, Glamour Germany, Russia, and Romania are optioning some illustrations for issues. If you are from there and happen to see them in your local magazine please let me know. I’d love to get my hands on a foreign copy with my work in it. I’ll send you $ for the issue and postage. Lemme know if you see them…Thanks!